Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicle Adoption

Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicle: In this article, we will discuss Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicle Adoption. Here, we will analyze how consumer awareness can increase the adoption rate of electric vehicles in India. We will also analyze how manufacturers, government, and other parties can spread awareness.

The Present Condition

At present, the transportation sector is responsible for more than 15% of global CO2 emissions. In India, the transportation sector is responsible for more than 10% of total CO2 emissions. If we look into this, a lot of gas and CO2 that is being emitted into the atmosphere. The degrading air quality of major cities in India and the rise in oil prices has led to the shift towards electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles do not emit anything. They do not have any tailpipe emissions. Electric vehicles help in the improvement of air quality. They make our street cleaner by improving the quality of air and life of people.

Impact of EVs on the Environment

  • First, it will eliminate the emissions generated by high vehicle density to thermal power.
  • It will reduce the exploitation of the environment by harmful components released by fuel vehicles. The major benefit of using EVs is to reduce air pollutant emissions, carbon emissions, etc.
  • Electric vehicles will promote using green sources for charging such as solar charging during days. 
  • It helps in using advanced technology and skills to manufacture and provide sales, and services. It eliminates the complex procedure of making and maintenance of expensive parts.
  • It will help in reducing the carbon footprint as it doesn’t produce any tailpipe emissions. To charge EVs, one can also use renewable energy options. 
  • As we know the availability of fossil fuels is limited and using them causes an increase in toxic emissions causing high alert on air quality.
  • Electric vehicles will reduce the amount of emissions produced from the traditional use of transport fuel. 
  • It will bring the convenience of charging electric vehicles at home. Consumers can use solar panels to reduce the cost of charging. In this way, the user does not have to worry about going out to charge the battery or their fuel tank.
  • It will also reduce the wear and tear while driving as compared to traditional vehicles. 
  • It encourages the recycling and reusing of batteries. It is easier to repair an EV than a conventional vehicle.

Steps to Spread Awareness

Various stakeholders of electric vehicles are taking several steps to spread awareness among common people. They are taking the help of various public platforms, social media, and the internet to reach out to the maximum number of people. Stakeholders are using online resources and tools, printers, public gatherings, workshops, and many other ways to spread awareness.

They are carrying out various projects which are highly visible to common people on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others. We know that in India there is a lack of awareness among common people and that too especially in terms of potential buyers. There are still places in India where people do not have sufficient knowledge in terms of electric vehicles, their advantages, disadvantages, incentives, schemes, and other aspects of it.

Result of Lack of Awareness

We know that in a country like India, a major portion of our population lacks proper knowledge regarding electric vehicles. This lack of knowledge can have serious consequences in the coming times.

  • In India, more than 55% of people cannot differentiate between various models and types of electric vehicles.
  • 95% of people in India are unaware of the various incentives and schemes by the Indian government.
  • People use and adopt things that they know about and have knowledge of. In the case of electric vehicles, the Indian common public has very less or no knowledge which makes it difficult for them to adopt on a common basis.
  • People in India run away from technology. They avoid using the latest tools and machines. Whereas people who have knowledge about the latest technology and tools are more likely to use these electric vehicles as they know their benefits, positives, and negatives clearly.
  • According to a survey, Indian people have a lot of misconceptions about electric vehicles, their fundamental features, as well as their working.

How to Spread Consumer Awareness

In the current times, there are a lot of tools and technology through which we can spread awareness among people.

  • First of all, we need to identify the group of people, location, and area where the adoption rate is the least.
  • We need to find out the reasons for low adoption.
  • We need to make them aware and knowledgeable about various aspects of electric vehicles including their positives, benefits, and their impact on the environment.
  • We can provide them with a detailed explanation in terms of cost, and a comparison between electric vehicles, and conventional vehicles.
  • Explaining to people about the current environmental situation and the oil crisis that we are dealing with will surely make them more interested in electric vehicles.
  • Regular and massive public charging infrastructure is the need of the hour which will increase awareness and the adoption rate.
  • Awarding and recognizing individuals, businesses, and groups who help in raising public awareness can be a big move in this direction.
  • There are few countries in the world that have included the subject of electric vehicles in primary education for children in school. This will make them aware of electric vehicles at a very young age.
  • We can take help from public gatherings, street plays, local fares, and other places where a lot of people gather.


Here, in this article, we have discussed various aspects related to Consumer Awareness of Electric Vehicle Adoption. Everyone including our government, manufacturers, scientists, and researchers is working very hard to make electric vehicles an integral part of Indian families. People are understanding the importance of electric vehicles in terms of carbon emissions, and a green and clean environment.

A lot of changes have been noticed in the last few years. The adoption rate has gone up in the last few years but a lot of work still needs to be done on the ground level. We believe that by working together, we will be able to create a clean and green future for our generations to come.

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