SUN Mobility Battery Swapping

SUN Mobility Battery Swapping: SUN Mobility is a company that is providing the service of universal energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles to get faster, inexpensive, and more convenient charging. The main objective of their business is to provide a long-range with the use of lithium-ion battery technology. They have also launched their alternative of charging an electric vehicle at a charging station which is a battery-swapping network that can be used to save time. 

SUN Mobility is a joint venture between two famous companies that are SUN Group and Maini Group. Maini Group is a diversified engineering powerhouse solution for inter-compass electric mobility material handling aerospace and automotive precision products have signed a joint venture with the SUN Group which has invested in different sectors such as energy mining, renewable energy, and new energy storage application. 

In the year 2015, Chetan Maini went on a break from his business and Idea that if the world can rely on electricity for train functioning why can’t it be used in electric vehicle companies?

In the year 2016, he had a meeting with Uday Khemka, vice chairman of SUN Group. They shared the same idea and decided to start SUN Mobility.

SUN Mobility Battery Swapping Technology

There are many challenges that people face in India related to urban mobility and these challenges require a unique and customized method of solving these problems. Battery Swapping is one of the unique solutions to resolve different charging-related issues. In the battery swapping method, a consumer can simply exchange their discharged battery with a fully charged battery which will save their time and effort. This method of charging can be used by buses, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and other types of electric vehicles. 

This method of charging helps to solve the following issues-

  • It is a low-cost process and saves a lot of money for the customers.
  • It also reduces range anxiety.
  • Consumers can get a fully charged battery in less time.

Among these, there are a few barriers that companies are facing while installing battery-swapping charging stations which are-

  • It brings high costs to the company to provide extra batteries for the charging solutions.
  • It will also increase their power consumption for charging batteries continuously.
  • In India, there is an inadequate and lack of widespread charging infrastructure.

Some Other Solutions

The Quick Interchange Station

  • There are special transferable swap point stations installed for large vehicles like buses. These swaps take less than 3 minutes. There are robotic arms installed in the stations to complete the process in less time. A person can complete up to 150 trips in a day using this method.
  • They have also installed advanced thermal management which helps in the efficient regulation of temperature with the help of highly efficient liquid conditions.
  • These stations do not require any human interventions as it is autonomous and robotic operations.

The Smart Battery

  • SUN Mobility has created advanced lithium-ion batteries that are light in weight and also last longer.
  • It has three onboard computer optimizations which keep monitoring the battery status, efficient performance for long life, and high safety level.
  • These smart batteries are also safe and protected against theft as these batteries consist of GPS tracking systems.
  • It is a unique solution that is built according to Indian conditions. It has the capacity to protect itself against high temperatures and humidity.

In 2019, Piaggio was impressed with SUN Mobility for the swappable battery technology and wanted to start a joint venture. Through this joint venture, Piaggio would get access to SUN Mobility’s quick charging station and smart swappable batteries. After this, Piaggio started manufacturing electric vehicles with smart swappable having lithium-ion technology.

SUN Mobility Battery Swapping Stations in India

The company started its first charging station in Bengaluru to help people with an eco-friendly solution to charge their batteries. After the partnership with Piaggio, the company started installing battery swapping stations and construction in more than 10 cities with more than 50 battery swapping stations. 

SUN Mobility Collaboration with Amazon India

SUN Mobility Battery Swapping has collaborated with Amazon to launch a swappable battery on Amazon. The product will be available in two cities in Maharashtra which are Mumbai and Pune in the beginning. SUN Mobility has a goal of installing 2000 battery swapping stations in these two cities by 2025. The company has stated that they want to function by swapping 3,00,000 batteries daily. 

With this collaboration with Amazon India, the company will be able to reduce carbon emissions by 3,00,000 tons per annum.

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