Electric Two Wheelers and Environment

In this article, we will discuss everything about Electric Two Wheelers and Environment. Our readers will get good knowledge about renewable energy, the lower emissions of electric vehicles, their energy efficiency, and future aspects related to electric vehicles.

With the changing times, we have seen recent increases in carbon emissions as well as oil prices which have triggered the thought process of people across the globe. We have become the most populous country in the world. We are battling with air pollution and degrading climate conditions. Our ecological health is becoming a great concern for all of us. Traditional vehicles are responsible for more than 75% of carbon monoxide and other oxides emissions.

Overall the transportation sector is responsible for 60% of nitrogen oxide emissions which results in 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Looking at all the above situations, the best solution is electric vehicles. Electric two-wheelers including scooters and motorcycles are the best environmental friendly alternatives for countries like India.

Renewable Energy for Electric Two-Wheelers and Environment

Electric two-wheelers can be propelled by energy generated from renewable sources such as sun, water, and air. This way, electric two-wheelers can be fully emission-free and the most sustainable source of transportation if fueled by renewable energy sources. According to the reports, electric vehicles displaced 0.3Mb/d of oil usage in the year 2021.

It is expected that in the next 5 years, they will replace 7 Mb/d of oil. Rectifying our transport system and that too especially in the two-wheeler segment will reduce a lot of dependency on fossil fuels. This transformation will contribute to a cleaner and sustainable future where renewable sources of energy will be used to fuel our vehicles.

Efficiency in Terms of Energy

Talking about electric two-wheelers, they are way more efficient than conventional gas-powered vehicles. Conventional vehicles are capable of converting only 20% of the energy in gasoline into usable energy. The rest 80% is lost as heat and other forms of energy. Talking about electric two-wheelers, they convert more than 90% of the energy stored in their batteries into a usable form of energy.

This energy is used to power the vehicles. This means electric two-wheelers are much more efficient in terms of their energy usage and requires very less amount of fuel to operate. This in turn reduces their impact on the environment.

Benefits of Two Wheelers

  • No Noise Pollution – These electric two-wheelers function silently. They do not have an engine which means no noise. Some electric two-wheelers are so silent that the manufacturers add some false sounds. They do this in order to make them safe for pedestrians.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – The maintenance cost of electric two-wheelers is much lower than that of any other vehicle. One most important reason is that it doesn’t have many moving parts which lower its running cost.
  • Low Running Cost -There are numerous reasons for EV adoption. Still, the most important reason is the running cost of electric two-wheelers is much lower than that of traditional two-wheelers. They use electricity to charge their batteries instead of using non-renewable fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Electric vehicles combined with electricity cost is cheaper than petrol or diesel vehicle. They are also using renewable energy resources which means it is more eco-friendly.
  • Tax and Financial Benefits – There are lots of tax and financial benefits attached to electric two-wheelers. This is always more than any petrol or diesel vehicle. The government provides a lot of incentives and subsidies for these vehicles making them affordable for the common people.

Comparison with Other Vehicles

Electric two-wheelers are beneficial in a lot more ways than traditional vehicles. They are more affordable and cheaper to maintain. They can be used for short-distance conveyance. The population is increasing along with the number of vehicles in metro cities. Finding a parking space is a difficult task nowadays. Two-wheelers can be parked easily and require very less space.

Maintenance is cheaper and easier in terms of oil changes, tune-ups, and other activities. They have almost no pollution and no emissions. These vehicles have very few moving parts which removes the complexities of a vehicle. They are environmental friendly in all the respect that we can think of and has no negative aspect as such.

The Recent Trend

In metro cities like Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore we can find the trend changing for electric two-wheelers. We can find electric two-wheelers stations in public places. We can use these two-wheelers for movement from one place to another in a marketplace. These two-wheelers can be accessed just by scanning the QR code and making the payment. We can use them according to our own needs and duration. We can take the example of Connaught Palace in Delhi.

Here we can find a lot of two-wheelers parked at several places which are for public usage. Common people and tourists coming for shopping and other activities at Connaught Palace can use these two-wheelers according to their own requirements. These two-wheelers are easy to use and handle and park in such crowded places.

The Road Ahead

So, we have discussed a lot about Electric Two Wheelers and Environment. Our ecosystem is going through a lot of changes in recent times. These changes regarding climate change, degrading air quality, and pollution levels. We, people, are responsible for maintaining a good climate and a greener environment. We can do this just by playing our part.

This can be done by making some adjustments in our daily life and activities. Switching to electric vehicles is one important step that can be taken by every household. This single step can prove to be beneficial in various aspects. This will have a great impact on the present as well as the coming future.

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