Public Awareness of Electric Vehicles

In this article, we will cover Public Awareness of Electric Vehicles. Electric vehicles are replacing conventional vehicles across the globe. Still, a lot of people believe that electric vehicles are not sustainable and durable in the current Indian scenario. Due to this, the adoption rate of electric vehicles is very low. In recent times, the government has come up with various schemes regarding the adoption of electric vehicles. They have introduced various subsidies across the country.

We need to make people aware of electric vehicles. Companies and various organizations are educating the common people about the benefits of electric vehicles. Recently the Delhi Government came up with a campaign named ‘Switch Delhi Campaign’. It aimed to increase the zero-emission uptake of vehicles.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle for Common Public

  • No Noise Pollution – These electric vehicles function silently. They do not have an engine which means no noise. Some electric vehicles are so silent that the manufacturers add some false sounds. They do this in order to make them safe for pedestrians.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – The maintenance cost of electric vehicles is much lower than that of any other vehicle. One most important reason is that it doesn’t have many moving parts which lower its running cost.
  • Low Running Cost -There are numerous reasons for EV adoption. Still, the most important reason is the running cost of an electric vehicle is much lower than that of traditional vehicles or equivalent petrol or diesel vehicles. They use electricity to charge their batteries instead of using non-renewable fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Electric vehicles combined with electricity cost is cheaper than petrol or diesel vehicle. They are also using renewable energy resources which means it is more eco-friendly.
  • Tax and Financial Benefits – There are lots of tax and financial benefits attached to an electric vehicle. This is always more than any petrol or diesel vehicle. The government provides a lot of incentives and subsidies for these vehicles making them affordable for the common people.

Government Schemes and Incentives

Our government has launched various schemes and incentives regarding electric vehicles. All these schemes and incentives are focused to improve the adoption rate of electric vehicles.

The Government of India is making policies to support the electric vehicle manufacturers as well as the customers by providing them incentives and subsidies which will help India become a global leader in the electric vehicle sector. The Indian government is consistently showing its support and efforts to make India a world leader in the EV industry. The government has introduced a number of programs and incentives to increase consumer demand for electric cars and to encourage automakers to invest in the R&D of electric cars and related infrastructure. FAME-II, PLI scheme, Battery Switching Policy, Special Electric Mobility Zone, and Tax Reduction on EVs are the current initiatives of the Indian government.

Current Situation

According to a report, there are more than 10 million electric cars on roads across the globe. That adoption rate is going up on a daily basis. The availability of electric vehicle models expanded. Manufacturers are working to fulfill customers’ needs and specifications. Various support, incentives, and schemes have been launched. There are various gaps that need to be bridged.

A lot of work still needs to be done for common people. Lack of awareness regarding electric vehicles, their benefits, cost, and operation is a significant barrier affecting adoption. Talking about awareness at the individual level is of paramount importance which is required to be done now. Policymakers must partner with multiple stakeholders to build an electric vehicle ecosystem.

Dedicated Channel for Communication

While focusing on awareness, we need to build a dedicated channel for communication. Informing and educating common people is very important. There must be a dedicated channel so that all the information is passed from top to bottom. Outreach campaigns are the most impressive and one of the easier methods. A well-planned channel will act as a grievance redressal platform that will connect the user to the body in charge. Social media can be very useful. It can broadcast all the messages and information easily to a large group of people.

Bridging the Existing Gaps for Public Awareness of Electric Vehicles

Any public behavior will become successful through continuous engagement, dialogue, and discussion between the government and the common people. A strong policy can never be successfully maintained unless its implementation is done properly. To welcome the policies, public trust, and continuous engagement are very important. Interaction with the common public at ground level is very important. Understanding the key problems and targeting the right people is an important step.


So, Public Awareness of Electric Vehicles is very important nowadays. People have become a lot more aware than earlier. Still, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Everyone including the government, manufacturers, local bodies, and nonprofit organizations needs to work together. The whole system starting from top to bottom needs to be well-planned and coordinated. This will help in building the best electric vehicle ecosystem in the world.

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