Solar Energy and EV Ecosystems

In this article, we will understand Solar Energy and EV Ecosystems. We know that electric vehicles and renewable energy are a winning combination and that too with solar energy. Solar energy can be directly utilized for electric vehicles. We know that the most important component of an electric vehicle is its battery. The batteries need charging from time to time. Solar energy can be utilized to charge the battery which will run the electric vehicle. Charging electric vehicles with renewable energy is a great choice. Charging the batteries with solar panels is the best way to reduce fuel costs and get the most out of the EV.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the best form of renewable energy that is available in our nature. They can be directly utilized to charge the batteries using solar panels. There are different types of solar panels available in the market. Most solar panels available are efficient in converting 20 to 25% of sunlight into electricity. This percentage has increased considerably compared to the plates available earlier. In India, almost all houses and apartments have terraces where solar panels can be fixed and utilized.

Factors for Solar Energy and EV Ecosystems

There are different factors on which the utilization of solar energy depends.

  • Solar Equipment Efficiency– There are different types of equipment related to solar energy available in the market. The solar panels, inverter, and batteries must be efficient enough to convert maximum energy into electricity.
  • Solar Potential of the Property– The amount of sunlight falling on the terrace is the greatest factor. The more sunlight falls on the terrace, the more will it get converted into electricity.
  • South-Facing Roof-Maximum solar panels and installed facing south. Sometimes it is also installed facing east. This is done to get maximum energy from the Sun.
  • Battery Capacity– The battery should be capable enough to hold maximum power. If we are getting a good amount of sunlight and have less power battery then it is of no use.
  • Local Climate– There are few geographical locations in our country where we get ample amounts of sunlight. There are also a few areas where there is not enough sunlight. Energy conversion depends on the amount of sunlight.

Requirement for Solar Panel

Every person’s requirement varies. The amount of energy required to charge the battery depends on the distance our vehicle is traveling. A person using a vehicle frequently on a daily basis needs more charging. This means that he needs to have a stronger battery pack and a good solar charging system. An average person who drives around 15,000 to 17,000 km in a year requires 6 to 8 solar panels of 300 Watts. If a person drives around 10,000 km in a year then he requires just 3 solar panels to keep his vehicle charged. So, we can say that it all depends upon the usage and capacity of the vehicle.

Problems in Setting Up Solar Panels

Solar energy is free of cost. It is available in ample amounts almost throughout the year in India. Anyone can set up solar plates and can utilize this energy to convert it into electricity. But there are a few problems that can be faced while setting up the whole system. There may be a few houses that are shaded. This means that they do not receive a good amount of sunlight for the maximum time. There may be a few houses that are not south facing. Many people live in rented houses in metro cities. In these apartments, they do not have the freedom to put up their own solar panels. Many people have transferable jobs or need to travel a lot. They may also face problems in setting up the whole system at a different place.

Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

With the increase in the demand for electric vehicles, the main concern now is to switch to renewable energy sources. If the electricity used for charging the vehicles is being produced by coal then it is of no use. Researchers and manufacturers are working to shift to renewable energy for charging electric vehicles to match the demand. In the last 2 years, the solar capacity installed across residential commercial, and utility sectors has increased to more than 500 times. But this accounts for only 5% of all energy sources.

Solar Power Storage Systems

One of the major problems and challenges accompanying the option of solar energy is the storing of energy that is being generated. The demand for electricity consumption and the generation of solar power does not align right now. People are working to find solutions to store solar energy so that it can be used during peak. Mostly local batteries are being used to store the electricity. In most cases, thermal energy and hydro energy are being utilized.


We have discussed Solar Energy and EV Ecosystems in this article. At last, we can say that there is a lot of potential for solar energy to help the electric vehicle ecosystem. We just need to find solutions to store solar energy. This energy can be utilized when required. This will bring a revolution in the whole ecosystem of EVs. Then only our dream of becoming a green and clean country will come true.

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